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Our Story

Our Story

Nearly 780 million people have no access to clean water and nearly 1 billion people worldwide are at risk from untreated wastewater.

To improve the situation in an more efficient and affordable way, a team of R & D scientists, experienced engineers, production experts and business professionals started Tanal, aiming to empowering customers with technology and improve water quality for sustainable development of the planet.

A lot of industries needs better water with their production, and we are introducing filters and membranes into multiple marketplaces and a variety of industries. To meet the increasing demand of clean water and treated wastewater.

We are a technology-driven company that is committed to R&D and innovative products & solutions. Our R&D department is committed to developing the best filtration and water & wastewater treatment products. Our complex R&D ensures the highest quality products to customers worldwide. Because of our knowledgeable design and application team, our customers get complex customized solutions. Our strict quality control, standard operation procedures and quality assurance systems ensure high quality products and high satisfaction of our customers. The depth of our technical know-how has contributed to a wide range of processes and creative, reliable technologies that keep solving problems and change outcomes for consumers around the world.

We believe that the integrity of environmental, health and safety performance aligns with our mission of “Empower customers with technology and improve water quality for all mankind” for all of our associates, customers and the communities we serve. Besides the innovative products and business models, we carefully consider corporate social responsibility such as the health and well-being of people as well as environmental protection. We are always using our expertise and technology to create products that improve the quality of life and address sustainability challenges for next generations.

Our advantages:
  • Customer-centric company culture
  • Efficient and flexible organizational system
  • 20+ years experience in membrane research, development and manufacturing
  • Better cost-effectiveness
  • Quick delivery
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