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RO Element TFXLP-8040


RO Element TFXLP-8040

Product No.:TFXLP-8040

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General Information

TFXLP-8040 reverse osmosis membrane elements are developed for energy saving for water treatment in low TDS environments, ideal for the desalination of municipal water, groundwater with less than 1,000 ppm.
These reverse osmosis membrane element provides reliable performance and long service life at an extra low feed pressure, and can be widely used in pure water preparation and related industries.

Features & Advantages

  • Extreme low working pressure
  • Energy saving
  • Economical efficiency
  • Direct element replacement


  • Potable water
  • Commercial water system
  • Industrial process water


  • Configuration: Spiral wound element
  • Membrane Polymer: Polyamide thin-film composite


Element Model

Membrane Active Area

ft2 (m2)

Feed Spacer

mil (mm)

Permeate Flow Rate*

GPD (m3/d)

Stabilized Salt Rejection**

Minimum Salt Rejection


400 (37.2)

28 (0.712)

10,500 (39.7)



Standard test conditions:
The above performance is initial (data record after 30 minutes of operation), based on the following conditions:
500 ppm NaCl solution
100 psi (7 bar) operating pressure
25°C (77°F) operating temperature
15% permeate recovery
7.5-8 pH range
*Permeate flow for individual elements may vary but will be no more than ±15%.
**Stabilized salt rejection is generally achieved within 24-48 hours of continuous use; depending on feed water characteristics and operating conditions.
Element Dimensions
FR-8040HR RO Element Dimensions


Length A
inch (mm)

Diameter B
inch (mm)

Permeate tube inner diameter C
inch (mm)


40 (1,016)

7.9 (201)

1.125 (28.6)

Operating and Cleaning Limits

Maximum Operating Pressure

600 psi (41 bar)

Maximum Operating Temperature

45°C (113°F)

Maximum Chlorine Concentration

0.1 ppm

pH Range, Continuous


pH Range, Cleaning


Maximum Feed SDI (15 mins)


Maximum Element Pressure Drop

15 psi (1 bar)

Maximum Feed Flow

3.6 m3/h (4040), 17 m3/h (8040)

The limits shown above are for general applications. For specific projects, operating at more conservative values may ensure the best performance and longest life of the membrane element.
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