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PTFE Hollow Fiber MBR Module

PTFE Hollow Fiber MBR Module

General Information

PTFE hollow fiber MBR module is made of PTFE hollow fiber membranes for critical wastewater and sewage treatment applications. Consisting of uniform PTFE hollow fiber membrane, PTFE hollow fiber MBR modules provide excellent physical barrier to suspended solids, bacteria and other pathogens. The uniform pore size distribution ensures high permeability and sustainable high-quality filtrate.
The new generation of PTFE hollow fiber MBR modules for MBR applications are upgrade-designed and improved, while continuing to leverage the aeration and header design.
Submerged PTFE hollow fiber membrane modules are providing economical, comprehensive wastewater and sewage solutions to industrial and municipal applications around the globe.

Membrane Characteristics

PTFE material with best chemical resistance and oil resistance
High tensile strength by reinforced membrane
Compact design
Hydrophilic treatment and fouling resistance

Suitable critical applications
Extreme long service life to reduce OPEX
Smaller installation space to to reduce CAPEX
Direct and economical module replacement

Industrial wastewater
Municipal sewage
Submerged filtration
Landfill leachate
Kitchen biogas slurry
Chemical wastewater
Electroplating wastewater
Dyeing wastewater

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