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Company Culture

Company Culture

Our Mission

Empower customers with science and technology to improve water quality for sustainable development of the planet.
Technology is the power to drive the society development, to grow the business of our customers, and to facilitate people’s daily life. So our mission is using advanced technology to help people worldwide to improve water quality.

Our Vision

Up to 2040, helping 1 billion people for clean water and treated wastewater by working with 10,000 partners.
The vision to help 1 billion people suffering from dirty water or untreated wastewater defines who we are and how we did, so helping 1 billion people is our only vision.

Our Values
Customer and quality first.
Long-termism, contributing value.
Cooperation on win-win, joint creation and sharing.
Be law-abiding, humble and grateful.
Communicate in good faith and commit to execution
Open and respectful, be brave to change and innovate.

We are a customer-centric company, and we exist because of our customers and because we delivered first-class-quality to our customers.
We always keep good relationship with our suppliers, partners and local community, to create a win-win situation.
Our staff are willing to collaborate with our clients, our partners and each other, to bear the responsibility and share the outcome.
Honesty helps us to improve our communications and working efficiency; humility and gratitude drive us to do more for our customers and partners.
The most important thing is commitment in commercial world, so we make commitment and honor them. Execution is the only thing that make our communications and ideas valuable, and make good things happen.
Being enterprising makes us work hard every day, and being passionate brings us better ideas and better solutions for our customers.
Being open will brings us greater ideas to create a better world, and the respect is not only to our customers, partners and associates, but to diversity in culture, ideas and thoughts.
We understand the only thing will not change is change, so every of us is open to change and be brave to innovate. To keep up with our customers, and to innovate ahead of our customers.

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