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Become A Distributor

Become A Distributor

To offer better customer experience and after-sales service to our customers worldwide, Tanal aim to building a global distribution network to serve our clients globally.

The support we offer to our distributors are:

  • Sales leads resources open to our distributors.
  • Competitive distributor prices provide our distributors more margin and special discounts help our distributors win bids and tenders.
  • Customized products for our distributors regarding specific projects.
  • Technical training regularly, technical support and assistance remotely and on site.
  • We sell or export to local district through our distributors only.
  • Order on demand and no stock-keeping requirements, improving cash flow of our distributors.
  • Share resources and expenses for exhibitions, conference & seminars.
  • Special transportation support on courier and air shipping saves their time and shipping costs.
If your esteemed company are interested in becoming a distributor of Tanal, please send an email to [email protected] with Subject “distribution request in YOUR COUNTRY”(For example, distribution request in Italy).
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