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The following are our answers & clarifications for frequently asked questions from our potential customers.

Q: can I propose your products as direct equivalents to my customer?
A: yes, ours are equivalents with quick delivery for your customer, which is more beneficial to you and your customer.

Q: does your equivalent require modifying the pipes and systems?
A: no, end users don’t need to modify pipes or PLC of existing systems to have same flow rate and high-quality filtrate. This product is plug-and-play.

Q: are you a manufacturer?
A: yes, Tanal are an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certified manufacturer and our factory passed environmental impact assessment. You are welcome to visit our factory.

Q: do you provide good discount to agents, distributors and engineering companies?
A: yes. We are glad to provide great discount to our partners on win-win basis because all of our products are applied through our agents, distributors and engineering partners.

Q: do you offer OEM?
A: yes, we do. Tanal do customization upon your request (capacity, feed water quality, applications etc.).

Q: do you have project reference out of China?
A: yes. Tanal have reference projects overseas because 65% of our products are distributed overseas including North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, such as USA, Canada, Chile, Germany, Russia, South Africa, UAE, Indonesia, South Korea etc.

Q: do you offer warranty for your products?
A: yes, we do. Tanal offer 12 to 60 months warranty depending on product series, water quality and operation conditions.

Q: do you protect interest of distributors or engineering companies? If yes, how?
A: yes. Tanal have a CRM system to keep the record of projects and inquiries, we protect the interest of our distributors and engineering partners for recorded projects.

Q: can I buy samples?
A: yes, Tanal provide discounted samples for testing and trial purpose.

Q: do you export on your own or we have to buy through a trading company?
A: though some export companies selling our products, most of our products are exported by ourselves with our own Export License.
Q: what shipping method do you usually use?
A: we are shipping products by sea, train, truck, air cargo and courier according to the requirements of the customers and trade terms.

Q: how can I contact you?
A: you can send us an inquiry by email, leave a message, or contact us on WhatsApp or WeChat.
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