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Hollow Fiber PVDF UF Membrane Module
TaFlux SFX Series
TaFlux IMX Series
TaFlux TaCap Max Series
TaFlux ZW 55 Series
TaFlux HFU Series
TaFlux ETV Series
TaFlux ERV Series
Hollow Fiber PES UF Membrane Module
TaFlux AF Series
TaFlux XG Series
TaFlux Liq Series
TaFlux SevBore D Series
TaFlux SevBore ZW Series
RO Membrane Element
TaFlux XLP Series RO Element
TaFlux ULP Series RO Element
TaFlux BW Series RO Element
TaFlux FR Series RO Element
TaFlux SW Series Seawater RO Membrane
Hollow Fiber MBR
TaFlux ZW Series MBR Module
PTFE Hollow Fiber MBR Module
Flat Sheet MBR
Flat Sheet MBR
Industrial Water Filter Cartridge
High Flow Filter Cartridge
TaSpun Series Melt Blown Filter Cartridge
TaString Series String Wound Filter Cartridge
TaPleat Series Pleated Filter Cartridge
TaFluid Series Oilfield Filter Cartridge
TaRex Series Resin Bonded Filter Cartridge
Membrane Contactor
PP Membrane Contactor
Membrane Distillation Module
PTFE Membrane Distillation Module
Tubular Membrane Module
PVDF Tubular Ultrafiltration Membrane

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TFXG40 UF Membrane Module | Flat Sheet PVDF Membrane | Flat Sheet PVDF MBR Cassette | TaPleat Series PP Pleated Filter Cartridge | Oilfield Glass Fiber Filter Cartridge | Phenolic Resin Bonded Filter Cartridge | TFMAX52 UF Modules | TFMAX78 UF Membrane Module | TFMAX105 UF Membrane Module | TFHFU-1020A UF Membrane Module | TFHFU-2020A UF Membrane Module | TFHFU-2020AG UF Membrane Module | RO Element TFFR-8040HR | TaFlow Line Series High Flow Filter Cartridge | TaSpun Series PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge | TaFlow Ulti A Series High Flow Filter Cartridge | RO Element TFXLP-8040 | TF7B0.9D-50PWR UF Membrane Module | TF7B0.9D-60WR UF Membrane Module | TaFlux ZW Series MBR Module TFZW31Q | TFAF40 UF Membrane Module | TF7B0.9ZW-60 UF Membrane Module | TaSpun Coreless Series PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge | TaFlux Flon Series PTFE Hollow Fiber MBR Membrane Module TFMW-B12M | Distillation Membrane TCMD440-5 | Membrane Distillation Module TCMD660-18 | Distillation Membrane Module TCMD970-42 | PTFE Membrane Distillation Module TCMD980-48 | Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactor MCO2-6X44 | Gas Transfer Membrane MCO2-6X47S | CO2 Removal Membrane MCO2-4X50 | Membrane Contactor for CO2 Removal MCO2-6X50 | Degassing Contactor MCO2-7X50 | Degassing Membrane Contactors MCO2-8X50 | Membrane BW 8040 TFBW-8040 | BW RO Membrane TFBW-8040HR | Brackish RO Membrane TFBW-8040HF | Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Membrane TFBW-8040-440 | Brackish Water RO Membrane TFBW-8040-440HF | BW 4040 RO Membrane TFBW-4040 | BW 4040 TFBW-4040-100 | SW 2540 Membrane TFSW-2540 | SW 4040 TFSW-4040 | SWRO Membrane TFSW-8040 | Sea Water RO Membrane TFSW-8040-440 | SW RO TFSW-8040HR | Seawater Reverse Osmosis Membrane TFSW-8040-440HF | Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Membrane TFSW-8040HR-34 | Sea Membrane TFSW-8040-34 | Desalination Reverse Osmosis Membrane TFSW-4040-34 | SW 2521 RO Membrane | TaFlow Mega Series High Flow Filter Cartridge | Tubular Membrane TFTP8-27 | Tubular Module TFTP5-33 | TaFlow Series High Flow Cartridge | UF Membrane TFSFX-2880P | Ultrafiltration Membrane TFIMX-77P | Hollow Fiber UF Membrane TFZW55 | UF Modules TFETV-60 | UF Membrane Module TFERV-60 | PES Ultrafiltration Membrane TFLQ75 | PES UF Membrane TFAF64 | PES UF Membrane Module TFAF55 | RO Membrane TFULP-8040HF | UF Membrane Module UF-0770 |

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3D photothermal aerogel replaces graphene to achieve high-efficiency seawater desalination of 88.9% | Our company successfully developed Aquaflex 64 equivalent membrane modules for replacement | Aquaflex 55 equivalent membrane modules are successfully developed for replacement | Tanal successfully developed X-Flow SeaGuard 40 equivalent membrane UF modules for replacement | Tanal corporate office and R&D center move to Qiaokou District | The capacity of RexPure phenolic resin bonded filter cartridge have been expanded to 240,000 pieces annually. | The 5th Wuhan International Water Technology Expo (WTE 2022) Was Postponed to Dec. 9-11 | Temporary Suspension of Production | Spring Festival Holiday Customer Communication Letter | Tanal start marketing TaFlux ZW Select series MBR membrane modules in oversea market | Tanal is attending EcwaTech 2023 Moscow | 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Holiday Customer Communication Letter | Tanal Brief Annual Report 2023 | A Glance of Tanal on EcwaTech 2023 | Exhibition Plan of Tanal in 2024 | 2024 Spring Festival Holiday Customer Communication Letter | Tanal is attending IFAT Munich 2024 in Germany | Tanal is attending Watertech China 2024 at 8.1H497 |