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Are you ready to join a talented team of innovators providing water products that improve the world?
We are committed to solving the world’s most complex water and wastewater challenges. Employing innovation and breakthrough solutions, we are advancing water for a cleaner world. We look for the best people to help our customers succeed; offering opportunities to learn, effect change, and make meaningful contributions at work and in our communities. This is a place where you can make a difference for the world. We support customers through our salespersons, solution expert, production engineers and distributors. associates enjoy challenging work, learning and development opportunities, and promising career paths.
Talent is most important asset and strategic resources for us. We aim to creating a happy, positive and innovative atmosphere for our staff, while taking care of them financially and spiritually. Happy associates bring satisfaction of customers and innovative associates delivers better product and solution to customers and consumers.

Why us?

We put a lot of effort in hiring excellent, passionate and dedicated personnel, and 30% of managers’ time is spent on recruiting good talent.
At our company, we create a diverse, inclusive workplace where everyone can contribute, challenge themselves and make a difference.
Innovation, strategic leadership and active teamwork drive our workforce. We are committed to creating a diverse workforce that thrives on innovation and is passionate in its development of solutions that improve the world.

Diverse Team

With a broad base of capabilities, cultures and perspectives, our associates reflect the different communities we serve. Together, we can better understand and meet the needs of our customers and communities.

Collaborative Workplace

We work with some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Collaboration is critical, every member is recognized and individuals' contributions have an important impact.

Learning and Growth

To help associates continue to learn and succeed in their careers, meanwhile keeping up with a rapidly changing world, we provide multiple learning opportunities and programs(both professional and managerial), including offline training plans and online courses.


All of associates are sharing the benefits of customer success and company development, and we set up plans to make sure most talented associates have the best financial returns, particularly in the long term.


Our fundamental beliefs in equity, the long-term vision, and that we are all in one team drive our total compensation strategy.
Our success is based on the dedication, capability and creativity of our associates, so our benefits design and offerings reflect our value for their contributions. Our benefits programs are comprehensive and externally very competitive.
Specific benefits for associates may vary from regions, and will be more fully described in the interview process.
Our benefit programs include:
Employee stock ownership plan: ESOP is the core of our benefit platform. ESOP offers associates with equity ownership in our company, while building financial security for retirement. It enables all associates to have an opportunity to participate and share in the development & growth of the company by acquiring ownership.
Health and welfare: We provide an program of healthcare benefits for our associates, including medical, dental, vision and mental plans.
Income replacement: Life insurance and long-term disability insurance are provided to our associates and their families.
Work and family life Balance: Many of our benefits and services help associates balance the increasing demands of work and family. We provide platforms and systems for child care, domestic partner benefits, flexible work hours and working from home.
Personal development: We set up a flexible promotion system with 10 levels from level 13 to level 22 based on OKR(Objectives and Key Results), to make sure there are enough space for our associates to discover a path that best fits their own interests while helping our customers succeed. The career path can be professional or managerial depending on the interests, demands and expertise, and it can be cross-reactive.

Opportunities & Apply

Worldwide Job Opportunities

We look for self-motivated individuals who excel at what they do and thrive in challenging environments with values that align with ours. We invite you to explore the open positions at our company and join us in our mission of empowering customers with technology and facilitate the lives of all mankind.




Wuhan, China

Domestic Sales Supervisor


Wuhan, China

After Sales Technical Engineer



Sales Consultant




After Sales Technical Engineer



Today’s students creates the future of the world. Our internships give students meaningful, skills-based projects to own and complete as they evaluate us — and vice versa — for a potential long-term career. As they wrap up their studies, students can get a head start on their careers by applying for our postgraduate full-time positions.


From sales to manufacturing and research engineering, if you have a proven track record for getting results by collaborating with others on teams, we're looking for you! Join us and facilitate the lives of all mankind!


Apply for a position, please email your resume to [email protected].
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