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TaSpun Coreless Series PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge


TaSpun Coreless Series PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge

Product No.:FCTSCPP4040B

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General Information

TaSpun Coreless series polypropylene melt blown filter cartridge is a large-diameter cartridge, specifically developed to provide an economical solution for particulate removal in prefiltration of process and water treatment, representing a highly-optimized melt blown filter technology. The unique filtration media of 100% polypropylene microfibers results in continuous graded, fixed pores which provide pre-filtration and fine filtration in the same cartridge, which ensures efficient use of the entire gradient depth of the filter, resulting in high flow rate and high dirt holding capacity.

TaSpun Coreless series PP melt blown filter cartridge graded-density depth structure provides maximum filtration surface area and high flow rate, enables smaller sizing and fewer housings for a given flow rate than standard melt blown cartridges. The filter cartridge enables the capture of more contaminant than conventional cartridges, while the rigid support fibers hold the filtration fibers firmly in place, resulting in less potential for contaminant unloading and more efficient filtration under a variety of operating conditions. TaSpun Coreless series PP melt blown filter cartridge reduces the burden of downstream process for particle removal applications in liquids.


Thermally bonded all-polypropylene without glue and adhesives
FDA compliance material
Highly consistent
High flow rates with low pressure drops
Wide micron retention ratings from 1 to 100 μm


Low extractables levels ensure the purity of the filtrate
Broad chemical compatibility for various applications
Lower capital and operating costs
Easy change-out for replacement
Direct and economical replacement for existing plants


Drinking water treatment
Industrial water treatment
Seawater desalination
Bottled water and mineral water
Food & beverage
Bulk chemicals
RO system
Cooling water
Process water and waste water
Plating etc.


Materials of construction
Filter media: 100% microfiber polypropylene
Dimensions (nominal)
Outer diameter: 152 mm (6”)
Inner diameter: 114 mm (4.5”)*
Lengths: 508 mm (20"), 1016 mm (40")
* 112 mm are available on request.
Removal rating: 1 μm to 100 μm
Purity: free of surfactants, resins, binders and adhesives.
Regulatory compliance
TaSpun Coreless series filter cartridges are designed, developed and manufactured in accordance with a Quality Management System approved by an accredited registering body to an ISO 9001 Quality Systems Standard and are shipped with a Certificate of Quality.
All components of TaSpun Coreless series filter cartridges are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) listed for food contact use in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21 (177.1520 and 177.2600) and conform to the relevant requirements of Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 for their intended food contact applications and USP for the Biological Test for Plastics, Class VI.
For easy traceability and identification, every filter cartridge is marked with an identifying lot number

Operating Conditions

Recommended change-out differential pressure: 2 bar (30 psi)
Maximum differential pressure without core:
4.0 bar (58 psi) @ 30°C (70°F)
3.4 bar (50 psi) @ 50°C (122°F)
2 bar (29 psi) @ 70°C (158°F)
1 bar (14.5 psi) @ 82°C (180°F)
Maximum operating temperature: 82°C (180°F)
pH range: 1 -
Flow rate:

Flow rate of TaSpun Coreless Series Melt Blown Filter Cartridge

Flow rate is for a 20” (508 mm) cartridge with water at 20°C (68°F). For liquids other than water, multiply differential pressure by fluid viscosity (cP).
Unit conversion: 1 bar = 14.5

Ordering Guide
Cartridge Material Nominal Length Removal Rating Size
FCTSC PP =PP 20 =20" 1 =1 μm 40 =40 μm B =OD 152 mm, ID 114 mm
40 =40" 3 =3 μm 50 =50 μm S =OD 152 mm, ID 112 mm
5 =5 μm 70 =70 μm
10 =10 μm 100 =100 μm
20 =20 μm
xample model: FCTSCPP4040B refers to TaSpun Coreless PP melt blown filter cartridge, 40", 40 μm, OD 152 mm, ID 114 mm.

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