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Temporary Suspension of Production

Temporary Suspension of Production

Affected by COVID-19, more than 90% of our colleagues in the Delivery Dept. & Quality Management Dept. of our company have been infected with virus and cannot normally perform delivery and quality management duties. In order to ensure product quality and the health of colleagues, the company has decided to temporarily suspend production from today until January 3, 2023, until 60% of the colleagues in the Delivery Dept. & Quality Management Dept. recover and can resume normal production. During this period, our R & D Dept., Sales Dept., Solution Dept., HR & Admin Dept. and Finance Dept. provide services to customers normally.

Tanal is committed to providing quick-delivery economical equivalents, but this temporary suspension of production will extend the shipping date of all orders by one to two weeks, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your support, collaboration and trust in Tanal.
Temporary Suspension of Production Customer Communication Letter
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