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Tanal is attending EcwaTech 2023 Moscow

Tanal is attending EcwaTech 2023 Moscow

Wuhan Tanal Industrial Co., Ltd. is attending EcwaTech 2023 Moscow, presenting TaFlux PES ultrafiltration membrane module, PVDF UF membrane module, reverse osmosis membrane element, MBR membrane module, TaFlow high flow filter cartridge to Russian distributors, engineering companies and end users.
Customers in water and wastewater treatment projects are welcome to visit us.
The stand number of Tanal on EcwaTech 2023 is 8G9.3.
Tanal at Stand 8G9.3 on EcwaTech 2023

Welcome to visit Tanal at stand 8G9.3:

Below are the major membrane modules to be exhibited:

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