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Tanal Brief Annual Report 2023

Tanal Brief Annual Report 2023

Happy New Year to Tanal distributors, engineering customers, end users and partners!

Below is the brief annual report of Tanal in 2023:
Product Range
Except for regular PVDF MBR membrane modules, Tanal launched TaFlux Flon series PTFE hollow fiber MBR membrane modules after years development and replacement application validation in domestic market.
Membrane materials Tanal develped are currently PP, PES, PVDF, PTFE and polyamide.

To help our distributors and engineering partners for potable water projects which requires NSF certificate, Tanal started the process of NSF certification for UF membrane modules in 2023.

Thanks to our distributors and engineering partners, Tanal membrane products helped end users in 5 more counties including Angola, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria and Uzbekistan in 2023. Up to Dec. 31, 2023, we have empowered distributors & engineering companies and helped end users in 27 countries of 5 continents.
After 3 years epidemic control, Tanal re-started overseas exhibition in 2023, the first exhibition was EcwaTech 2023.
On the exhibition, we met with tens of customers who have obstacles in current supply channel, and aimed to supplying them high-quality TaFlux membrane products Made in China.

Order Facilitation
According to our core value "Customer first", to help our customers to place sample or trial order quickly by credit card, we start working with Made-in-China and became the Gold Member and Audited Supplier, so our customers can place small orders on-line quickly.
Up to Dec. 31, 2023, the available payment methods with Tanal are L/C, T/T, Credit Card and Western Union, which makes it more flexible for our customers to work with us.

Service Process Polishment
To ease the communication and increase the efficiency of serving customers, Tanal polished Inquiry Handling Process, Order Handling Process and Feedback Handling Process in 2023, and the customer satisfaction is largely improved.

Exhibitions in 2024
To ease the customers for face-to-face meeting with us, Tanal will attend exhibitions including IFAT in Munich, Aquatech China in Shanghai and EcwaTech etc. in 2024.

Wish Tanal distributors, engineering customers, end users and partners for greater success in 2024!
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